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Select date and departure time

1 trip = 1 date!
Choose one date for each trip that you make. If you are not exactly sure when you are going, your ride can be displayed as a 'flex ride'. Choose the number of days to display your ride before and after the date you choose in the calendar. Be sure not to create overlapping dates!


Tilbakevendende datoer

Are you traveling the same route on several dates, then use the assistant to fill the calendar.


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Why should you use the booking system?

Select the route of your trip

Define your trip by choosing where you start and where you are going. Just type a part of the town and select it from the list. If you can't find it, try the nearest town or the name of the municipality.

Making stop-overs (vias)

If you are making a long trip, it might be interesting to choose a few towns that you pass by and maybe collect or drop off passengers there. Your trip will be shown to people that select one of your vias, which enlarges the chance for you on a full car.

Obviously, more people travel from and to big towns, so if you start (or end) in a smaller town and pass by a big town, then you should choose the big town as a stop-over as well to enlarge you chance on a full car.

Staying overnight?

If you are staying overnight along the way and continue your trip the next day, then you are advised to create two separate trips: one from your start location to where you'll sleep, and one from there to your final destination.

Return trips

You can only create one-way trips here. After having saved this one, you can easily start with creating the return trip by clicking the 'Create return trip' button in the popup window.

Select the date of your trip

In the calendar, click on the date of your trip. When you are creating a new trip, then you can choose multiple dates by just clicking on them.

1 trip = 1 date!

Choose 1 date for each trip that you make. If you are not exactly sure when you are going, then select a date and use the flex date option to give more exposure to your trip (see below). Do not select more than 1 date if you are not traveling more than once!

Many trips to make?

If you want to create many trips on the same days every week over a longer period, e.g. when you are commuting, then you can use the helper. Just select the days and the first and last dates of the period, click the button and all the matching dates are selected.

Not sure when you are going?

If the travel date is flexible or you are not sure yet when you are going, then you could use the flex date option. This will show your trip around the date that you select in the calendar. E.g. if you select the 12th and choose '+/-1 day', then your trip is shown for the 11th, the 12th and the 13th.
Be careful though when you select multiple dates: it's easy to create overlapping dates! Selecting the 11th and 12th in combination with '+/-1 day', will show your trip twice at the 11th and twice at the 12th.

Price and availability

Choose the number of passengers that you can take and choose the amount for each passenger. For your convenience, we have pre-filled the price with the result of a calculation, based on the distance, an average fuel consumption, an average fuel price and 3 passengers.

The booking system

We advice you to make use of the booking system for enhanced reliability and security. The passenger sees (and pays to us) a slightly higher amount, but you will receive the amount that you set here.

And remember: you'll always get your money, even if the passenger cancels!


Here, you can leave general information about your trip, such as which car you drive, where in town you can pick up or drop off people, or that your dog is traveling as well. Please do not write contact details (phone, email) here. They are displayed according to your profile settings. You should also not write trip details (price, available seats), that you choose in this screen.